This picture was taken at the 50th.
wedding aniversery of James Jefferson Thomas

J J Thomas and family

This is my best guess at the names of the people in the photo of the family at the 50th. wedding annivercery if you can fill in some more of the names drop me a line/
Back row
Carl Thomas
with baby
Olie Mae Thomas
Hue Dorsey Thomas
Agnes Thomas
James Thomas son of Lawrence
Clara Thomas Daughter of Lawerance
Max W. Thomas, son of Mitchell & Pearl (Husband of Remona)
Norma T. Agrilla, daughter of Mitchell & Pearl (Wife of John Agrilla)

Charles Mitchell Thomas, Sr.
Pearl Meek Thomas, Wife of Mitchell
Melba T. McClain, daughter of Mitchell & Pearl

Camie E. Thomas My mother
Lilian Fay Thomas My sister
Harvie J. Thomas ,My father

O.C.'s Wife
Uncle Carl's oldest son O.C."Ollie Carlton Thomas " ??
with baby

Middle row
(In U.S. Air Force uniform:) Charles Mitchell Thomas, Jr.,
Luther Thomas
Betty Jean (Hart) Lanbert [wife of Milton Lambert]
Christene Hart

Vada Thomas
Lawrence Thomas

Walter Thomas

Corra Thomas
Omer Thomas

Wes Kilgo
Jinny Kilgo

Claud Bailey
Howard "Butch" Bailey
Stacey Bailey

Front row
Uncle Carls children
Nellie Ray

Grandma Thomas
Grandpa James Jefferson Thomas

Gail Thomas Omers daughter
Eugene Thomas Omers oldest son
Corine Thomas Omers daughter
Jeff Gilda Thomas Me the Son of Harvie J. Thomas
Blake and Frank Sons of Mitchel
Ray , Royce and Joan Bailey Children of Claude and Stacy Bailey

If you download this picture by puting your mouse courser over the picture and clicking the right button and selecting save image to disk, you will get a much more detailed picture that you can view with an image viewer like Acdsee.
If you know of any corrections that I need to make please let me know.

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